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Our Leadership Role

“What is best for the student” guides our leadership responsibilities. Our diverse background lends itself to the common philosophy of research-based decision-making that benefits student learning and development. Orefield Middle School administrative team members set high expectations for themselves, the staff, and the students.

The administration at Orefield Middle School works cooperatively with students, parents, and staff to provide a positive environment that assures the safety and welfare of each individual, as well as provide for the delivery of instruction for a quality education. We highly encourage the integration of curriculum, the differentiation of instruction, and use application of technology. A co-curricular program supplements the academic program to meet the needs of the young adolescent offering students the opportunity to grow socially and enhance their individual talents.

Teachers can be contacted by email or voicemail. Staff information can be found on the Directory page.

Contact Information:

Todd Gombos


Monica Ouly-Uhl

Assistant Principal

Thomas Stoudt

Assistant Principal