General Information

Absentee Hotline: 610-351-5900 Extension 61400

Student Activities

At OMS we recognize the importance of extracurricular activities in the social and emotional development of young people. The minds and bodies of middle school students are undergoing distinct changes. To promote growth and development in non-academic areas, the school sponsors many activities.

We would like to see all students involved in some extra-curricular club, sport, or activity. The relations students build when they are involved in clubs, sports, and activities make OMS a warmer and friendlier place. Students who are involved speak highly of the opportunities for multi-grade level interactions, and develop an increased sense of belonging, connectedness, and self worth.

If you are interested in signing up for one of these clubs, sports or activities, please contact the appropriate advisor directly, or listen for information disseminated on the morning announcements.

Arts and Academics


Library Aides

Science Fair


Math Counts

Science Olympiad

Geography Bee

Office Aides


History Day

Plays and Musicals

Student Council

TV Studio

School Newspaper

Peer Mediation


Student of the Month

Selection Process

Students are nominated based on the team members’ perceptions as they consider students who:

  • demonstrate service to school and community
  • are academically conscientious – do not have to be honor roll but continue to try and work to potential
  • accept responsibility
  • exemplify courtesy and consideration for others
  • are cooperative, cheerful, and serve as a positive role model to other students

Student of the Month Recognition

The Student of the Month List will be displayed throughout the school and we would like each student and parent to have a photograph, which you might share with friends and family. Students will be recognized within their teams.

Student of the Month Breakfast

Bi-monthly, Orefield Middle School has a breakfast to celebrate the most recent winners of the Student of the Month. This is a very special honor. Both the students and their parents are encouraged to attend the breakfast to help celebrate this honor.