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Guidance Activities

What do the Orefield Middle School guidance counselors  really do?  Here is an overview of some of our tasks and activities….


An Overview

Scheduling/ Tours/Presentations/Transmittal 
  • Teaming(place students on teams)
  • Work closely with assistant principals on scheduling issues
  • Review all teacher recommendations against parent/student class selections
  • Create & develop learning support student schedules
  • Resolve scheduling conflicts & balance team numbers
  • Register & schedule new students throughout the year
  • Make schedule changes as needed
  • Assist in the identification of students for Language Arts Seminar and Reading Seminar
  • Assist in the identification of students for Math and Reading prepatory classes
  • 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Classroom Scheduling Presentations
  • Individual scheduling meetings with all 8th Graders and 6th & 7th graders as needed
  • Review all final math and foreign language grades
  • Assist administration with 5th grade music selection input
  • Participate in 6th to 7th Grade Parents’ Night presentation including preparing/developing power point
  • Participate in 5th to 6th Grade Parents’ Night presentation including preparing /developing power point
  • Attend 8th to 9th grade transmittal meetings at PHS to discuss all incoming 9th graders
  • Attend 5th to 6th grade transmittal at each (4) elementary schools to discuss all incoming 6th graders
  • Share transmittal information with next grade level teachers at OMS
  • Prepare Power Point & Present to 5th grade at OMS and each of the 4 elementary schools
  • Coordinate High School visitations and presentations
  • Coordinate LCTI Visitations and assemblies
Testing- PSSA & Keystone Exam  
  • Coordinate Keystone Testing
  • Coordinate PSSA Reading & Math, Science & Writing Testing:
  • Time Schedule
  • Room arrangements
  • Test booklet preparation
  • Teacher training for administration
  • Establish Coverages
  • Make-up testing
  • Arrange and coordinate testing for cyber school students and other out-of-building students
  • Packing & Shipping of materials
  • Create Test Administrator Informational Packets
  • Attend District Coordination meeting
Student Services/Action Plans/Learning Support /Gifted/Ch.15 
  • Contact parents to set up action plan meetings
  • Develop Action Plans with teacher assistance
  • Facilitate initial action plan meetings
  • Conduct 30 day action plan review meetings
  • Coordinate Gifted IEP (GIEP) Survey Monkey surveys
  • Conduct GIEP meetings
  • Develop GIEPs for new students
  • Serve as Chapter 15 Service Agreement case managers
  • Review Chapter 15 Service Agreements with core teams and with all special area teachers
  • Observations/record reviews/meeting arrangements for initial referrals for MDE
  • Attend MDE meetings
  • Consult with Special Education teachers and Core teachers
  • Individual counseling
  • Serve  as LEA as needed
  • Participate in PBSP hearings as needed
  • Develop School Attendance Improvement Plans
  • Conduct initial School Attendance Improvement Plan meetings with parents,administration and student as well as 30 day review meetings
  • Participate in the Student Assistance Program(SAP), including conducting weekly meetings,data collection, liaison coordination; parent phone contact and meetings, and  also referrals for the screening process
  • SAP and guidance services presentations to teams
  • Classroom presentations on guidance topics (grief; homework; friendship) as needed
  • Supervise college guidance interns
  • Academic counseling
  • Attend grade level core team meetings
  • Arrange parent/teacher team meetings
  • Respond to daily parent phone calls and requests
  • Distribute, compile, and send behavioral checklists per parent or doctor requests
  • Attend monthly middle school department meetings
  • Teach Guidance class (5 classes per counselor per 6 day cycle) to 7th grade students. These topics include: Career Exploration; Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drug Issues; Communication & Teamwork; Cyber Safety, and Diversity.
  • Prepare lesson plans for guidance class as well as input grading
  • Referral to community agencies as appropriate
  • Assist with student/ agency interviews
  • Identify summer school candidates and contact parents to share summer school information
  • Coordinate John Hopkins program assembly
  • Compile potential failure lists and notify parents
  • Facilitate groups for students
  • Conduct mediation between students
  • Summer professional development activities
  • Assist with the afterschool tutoring program – TOPS
  • Review Student of the Month nominations
  • Prepare Cafeteria for Student of the Month Breakfast
  • Create Student of the Month bulletin board
  • Assist with Class Chats
  • Members of Bullying committee & Business Advisory committee
  • Sweep designated areas of the building during fire drills and other emegency drills