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Click on a name in the list for the employee information: email, phone extension and website.

To reach all staff when only a 5 digit extension is listed, dial 610-351-5900 followed by the extension. 

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Theresa Armbruster

Administrative Assistant

Beth Bachman

Support Staff

Kelsey Balliet

Support Staff

Fanny Barahona

Support Staff

Ava Bellanger


Chantel Benes

Support Staff

Jill Berrigan

Grade 7, Team Voyagers

Duane Betz


Susan Bickert

Support Staff

Skyler Bilous

Support Staff

Ashley Bleam Metzger

Grade 8, Team Discovery

Daniel Blewitt


Shannon Boccardi


Amy Boltz

Grade 6, Team Newton

Carol Brandt

Support Staff

Matthew Brown

Grade 7, Team Innovators

Mindy Brugger

Support Staff