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School Supplies

OMS 6th Grade Supply List:

  • 2 or 3” - 3 ring binder
  • 3-hole punch paper
  • 7 folders, Tab dividers
  • Index cards and Post-it notes
  • Pencil pouch, Pencils, Pens, and Highlighters
  • Mechanical Pencils with extra lead
  • Set of inexpensive earbuds or headphones 
  • Calculator: TI-30XIIS (We use this one in school.)
  • Set of colored pencils
  • Earbuds

OMS 7th Grade Supply List:

  • Two binders (2-inch) one for AM classes and one for PM classes, and with separate sections for multiple classes
  • 3 holed pencil pouch
  • Something to carry papers for class - either binders (we suggest one for the morning and one for the afternoon) or an accordion-style folder with at least 8 slots
  • A bound notebook for science (wide or college ruled, doesn't matter)
  • Lined paper
  • Pencils (LOTS of pencils - buy them now while they are cheap!)
  • Pencil case, Pens (include Red), Colored Pencils, and Highlighters
  • Glue sticks
  • Inexpensive set of earbuds or headphones that you can keep at school (you'll get to use them a lot in our classes!)
  • If you are in GHP social studies or science, you may want an extra binder for History Day and/or Science Fair
  • Chromebook case, one was issued with the Chromebook, but if you lost it you need to get a replacement. 
  • Set of earbuds or small headphones that can be kept in the Chromebook case

We also STRONGLY suggest that you have the following supplies, but you do not absolutely NEED them:

  • 3-hole paper punch
  • Calculator capable of working with fractions (we use the TI 30 XIIS at school)
  • Internet access at home (We can help with this if you don't have it! Just ask Mrs. Nomie at SMS or Mrs. Flynn at OMS both will be in the library!)

OMS 8th Grade Supply List:

  • Notebook/binder (1 per class) OR 1 binder with dividers for each core subject
  • Pencils, Pens, and Highlighters
  • TI-30XIIS calculator
  • Headphones/earbuds
  • Glue sticks
  • Duo tang folders (2 pocket folders with fasteners)
  • Stylus Pen